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Workers Compensation Injuries that Increase in The Winter

March 23, 2020

Workers compensation injury claims are many like personal injuries in the fact that the type of injuries changes with the seasons to some degree. While many summertime injuries are related to hot working conditions, wintertime job responsibilities can produce specific types of injuries as well, especially when working outdoors. Of course, in states like Montana, winter conditions begin sooner and end later than in states in the southern region of the nation. This can also result in a significantly higher number of winter weather type injury claims being filed beginning with the first snowfall.

Slip-and-Fall Injuries

There is little doubt that the type of injury with the most increase in regularity during winter is slip-and-fall claims. Many times, workers do not have the luxury of choosing where they can walk while performing job duties, and working on or around ice is common in the north. This is why so many businesses and employers must be diligent about clearing walkways and parking lots of snow and ice on a regular basis.


Frostbite due to overexposure to the cold is a common claim during the winter, for obvious reasons. Actually, the most common claim involving freezing limbs is frost nip, as many employers are keen to letting their employees stay warm as much as possible. This is not always possible, however, and these appendage claims occur every year.


Hypothermia is also common in the winter. Hypothermia claims typically involve the entire body and often occur as a result of malfunctioning heating equipment or a lack of warm areas for employees. The most common area for hypothermia injuries to happen is in remote locations where there is little or no shelter, which could actually be a negligence claim as well in certain situations.

Back Injuries

The number of back injuries also increases in the winter, as many slipping injuries do not always result in an actual fall. It is easy for an employee to twist their back when working in slippery conditions.

Injuries that occur primarily due to weather conditions can be very complicated and difficult cases. Anyone in Montana who has been injured due to cold weather working conditions should contact Montana workers compensation attorney Bulman, Jones & Cook for a free comprehensive case evaluation.