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Parenting Plans

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At Bulman Jones & Cook PLLC, our Montana family law experts have been helping parents in Montana achieve positive and lasting results in matters of child custody. If you need to establish a workable parenting plan that protects and promotes your child’s best interests, we can help. We understand there is nothing more important to you than your children. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns regarding legal and physical custody, contact our office in Missoula today.

Every family is unique, and ideally, parents can cooperate outside of court to develop a Parenting Plan that matches their specific situation. That kind of cooperation may not always be easy, especially when the parents are in the process of a Divorce. It is crucial, to have skilled legal guidance to help you develop a Parenting Plan that is best for all parties involved.

At Bulman Jones & Cook PLLC, we can help you achieve your Child Custody and Child Support goals, whether through negotiation with the other parent or by aggressively protecting your rights in court. We also handle post-decree modifications such as Parental Relocation proceedings and changes to Child Support. You can rely on Jones & Cook to protect your rights and interests every step of the way.

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Parenting Plans

In Montana, Child Custody laws are referred to as Parenting, and comply with the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, while also allowing Grandparent Rights and Joint Custody. Montana state laws use the term “parenting” in order to promote the idea that both parents should be involved in their children’s lives. During the process for Divorce, unless both parents can agree on a Parenting Plan, the court will determine the terms of your parenting agreement.

Much like a Business Contract, a Parenting Plan is an agreement between Divorced or Separated parents which lays out the terms and conditions for raising your children. Parenting Plans cover subjects like the rights and responsibilities of each parent, Child Custody, visitation arrangements, Child Support, medical care and any other factor which impacts the best interests of your child.

In Montana, Parenting Plans are used by the family court to determine Custody, including when and where each parent will be with and responsible for each child, and who is responsible for the decision-making and financial welfare of the child. Both parents are required to submit a proposed Parenting Plan to the court, outlining their proposed custody arrangement.

A final Parenting Plan includes the designation of a parent as primary custodian, the naming of the physical residence of the child, the details about shared financial responsibilities to provide for the child, and factors related to the physical and mental well-being of a child.

Montana parenting plans must be extremely detailed and should include a parental visitation schedule outlining where will your child will live during the school year; which parent will have the child on weeknights or weekends; where your child will spend each holiday, break from school and birthday.

Even in situations where your Divorce or Separation is amicable, it’s important to be sure your Parenting Plan is rock solid and adheres to the requirements of the court because a judge will review your parenting plan to ensure that it serves your child’s best interests.

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It is highly recommended you very seriously consider hiring an experienced Child Custody attorney to help you draft your parenting plan. The legal team at Bulman Jones & Cook PLLC are well versed in the nuances of Montana Family Law and know exactly what information needs to be included to ensure your parenting plan runs smoothly. You do not want to end up in court every year trying to adjust and modify your plan because it was drafted improperly to begin with; or worse still, end up in a situation where the court will create a parenting plan for you.

Bradley J. Jones can help ensure your Parenting Plan meets your child’s needs and the court’s requirements by taking all the important details into consideration. Call us now for your Free Consultation to discuss your Parenting Plan needs.