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Bradley J. Jones and his wife Brenda have been married for more than twenty years and raising their four sons and one daughter in the Bitterroot. Following his first career in construction (carpenter/construction management/contractor) Brad joined the Bulman Law Associates PLLC. as an intern in January 2013, and has been an associate disability attorney since July 2014.

Taking advantage of past experience, Brad’s practice focuses on workers’ compensation disputes, denial of veterans’ benefits, Social Security disability hearings and appeals, and personal injury claims. Brad graduated from the University of Montana School of Law in December 2013 and has been admitted to practice law in Montana.

In law school, Brad was the President of the UM Military Legal Society and Vice President of the Willamette chapter of the J. Ruben Clark Law Society. Brad is also an Infantry Officer in the Montana Army National Guard where he has served since 2009.

Thomas Bulman founded Bulman Injury Law Associates after working as a law clerk for the Montana Supreme Court and as an enforcement attorney for the Montana Securities Department. From the beginning of his private practice, Mr. Bulman focused on medical-legal cases involving car crashes, workers’ compensation benefits, and social security disability benefits.

Medical knowledge is mandatory for any attorney who wants to successfully negotiate and, if necessary, file and win lawsuits for the client. Mr. Bulman has dedicated his continuing education to medicine and science as needed for the thousands of cases he and his team of lawyers have successfully concluded for their clients.

After a car crash, get to a safe place that is out of traffic. If you or your passengers are injured, call 911 to summon emergency services. If you have a cellphone or smartphone, use it to record the damage and the general scene of the crash. Recording the license plates of vehicles that stopped can provide valuable leads to witnesses if liability for the crash is disputed.

The answer depends on whether the insurer has accepted liability and the severity of the injury. If the injury will require a change of occupations or permanent retirement from all work activity, then hiring an attorney is the best way to protect yourself from making mistakes.

Attorney Thomas Bulman explains the term “maximum medical improvement” and its use in determining Montana workers' compensation and occupational disease benefits. You may contact him with any additional questions at thomas@bulmanlaw.com or by calling.

In Montana, a victim of bad medicine has at least three years to bring a legal claim for medical malpractice. First, a written claim must be filed with the Medical-Legal Panel in Helena. Over twenty years ago, the Montana Legislature created MLP to avoid so-called frivolous lawsuits. That fear was and remains based on myth not reality. Each medical malpractice lawsuit is very expensive to bring and defended to the end by insurance companies who rely on confusing the jury with the complexities of medical terminology rather than accept responsibility for the mistakes made.

Montana Workers’ Compensation law defines an “occupational disease” as any hurt or harm that occurs at work over more than a single work shift. Sometimes secretaries will suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome from excessive typing. Plumbers can have the same problems from torquing pipes and wrenches all day long.

Experienced Montana attorney Thomas C. Bulman explains the mediation requirement of Montana Workers Compensation law when the insurance adjuster or claims examiner denies payment of biweekly wage loss benefits or for medical treatment.

Injured workers call Bulman, Jones & Cook every day asking why it is taking so long for their claim to be approved. The insurance company needs a reasonable amount of time to check with your employer about what happened and to get your treatment started promptly. Three weeks after you have signed your claim form and medical information release is long enough. Any further delay is a sign they are going to deny your claim.

Montana Disability Lawyer Thomas Bulman discusses what factors determine whether you may qualify for social security disability or supplemental security income benefits. He encourages anyone with serious injuries or chronic health problems that have prevented work for 12 months or more to apply.

This is a brief explanation of the differences between Uninsured Motorist(UM) and Under-Insured Motorist(UIM) insurance and why you need both.

If you have been injured by a slippery or dangerous condition, call us.

Good auto insurance should have medical payments coverage which will pay medical expenses up to a set limit without regard to who was at fault. I recommend pricing the maximum amount, but at least $5000. This coverage can make sure your passengers receive prompt medical care whether the other driver is a fault or not.

Attorney Thomas Bulman explains how an injured worker can hire an attorney to help resolve a Montana Workers Compensation claim. The Montana Department of Labor has written the only agreement that can be used. An attorney can agree to work on a contingency percentage of 20% of disputed benefits or a settlement. The contract must be registered with the Department in Helena Montana.

He has practiced workers' compensation law in Montana for over thirty years. He has helped thousands of claimants through the complicated compensation system. After watching the video, if you have questions, call him or go to https://www.bulmanlaw.com.

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