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Why Montana Is One of The Most Deadly States for Fatal Car Accidents

March 23, 2020

It is hard to imagine that a state with a population of 1.05 million people, and wide open expanses of alpine and ridgeline areas, is the number one state where auto accidents occur. Facts do not lie. Auto deaths for the state result from speed, alcohol and other drugs, lack of proper seat belt use, and weather conditions. Montana is also a deadly state for teen drivers.

Statistics prove that states with more rural roadways are typically more dangerous than states urban in nature. For Montana, the numbers are telling. Nearly 70 percent of all vehicle miles accrue in rural areas. Ninety-eight percent of all accidents where death occurs in Montana happen in rural areas. The cause is due to high uses of alcohol. Also, Montana drivers are less likely to use their seat belts.

For Montana residents, the best course of action, if involved in an auto accident, is to contact a Montana accident attorney. There are a number of ways that an auto accident lawyer can assist. There may be a number of complexities in your case, but an experienced personal injury attorney can help with the following.

  1. A Montana auto accident lawyer can communicate with the other drive’s insurance carrier. Law can be a complex issue, and dealing with injuries or property damage should only be handled by a legal professional.

  2. Attorneys have the knowledge, skills, and experience to collect any evidence with respect to liability.

  3. A Montana wrongful death lawyer can also help organize your bills and medical records for compensation.

  4. There may be missing records that your attorney can help you obtain. An auto accident lawyer can also communicate with doctors to obtain the medical information needed to help prove damages in your claim.

  5. It takes a legal professional, like a Montana wrongful death lawyer, to properly organize and present your case to prove damages and liability.

  6. When, and if, it comes time to negotiate with lien holders for dealing with a disability or compromised health, a lawyer can work to potentially reduce the amount on any liens.

  7. Most importantly, an attorney can help negotiate a settlement that is satisfactory for their client.

There are simply too many issues to keep track of when an injury, accident, or death occurs. Trust the professional injury attorneys at Bulman, Jones & Cook who handle such cases for a living.