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What Are Workers Compensation Benefits?

March 23, 2020

Every worker has the right to leave work in the same condition that they arrived in. If during the course of your work you experience an illness or injury related, either directly or indirectly, by your working conditions you could be entitled to workers compensation benefits.

Bulman, Jones & Cook is a Montana Workers Compensation Attorney with Montana labor law experience to answer your workers compensation questions. If your work-related injury occurred in or your employer is based in Montana, then the best option is to contact a workers compensation attorney in Montana.

Workers compensation benefits include both medical and lost time benefits, giving this insurance program the broad capacity to assist an employee in recovering from a range of work-related illnesses or injuries. Workers compensation insurance claims can include medical only claims, the payment of medical bills resulting from a work-related illness or injury when the employee is able to return to work in normal working conditions with no lost time.

If the illness or injury requires that the worker performs modified duties until fully healed, the employer has the option of providing modified, or “light duty”, work to the employee. If the employer is unable to provide work that meets the physical restrictions required to get the employee back to normal working conditions, workers compensation benefits also include payment of lost wages due to the injury.

If an employee experiences a work-related illness or injury, the employer must utilize their workers compensation benefits as required by state and federal regulations. If you experience a work-related illness or injury in the state of Montana and are unsure of your rights to workers compensation benefits, contact Bulman, Jones & Cook, a Montana Workers Compensation Attorney.

Did your illness or injury occur while performing your job duties? Is any aspect of your job physically straining to any part of your body? Do you regularly or intermittently experience physical pains you believe are related to your working conditions and job requirements?

If any of this resonates, a workers compensation attorney in Montana is the best option for learning more about your rights. Contact Bulman, Jones & Cook today!