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Teenage Driver Safety Tips

March 23, 2020

Montana has one of the worst records for teen drivers and this disturbing trend is something that affects everyone. As we look to the causes, it becomes necessary to remind our area teen drivers of the importance of roadway safety. An accident can happen at any second and can have repercussions that last a lifetime. Below are some tips to help young drivers stay safe while on the road, so they won’t need to hire a Montana car accident attorney.

  1. Avoid Distracted Driving

    While this includes everything from brushing one’s hair to fidgeting with the stereo, mobile devices have proven to become the primary distraction. In fact, distracted driving now accounts for more roadway fatalities than drunk drivers.

  2. Always Drive with the Lights On

    This is important, even at dawn and dusk. A glare or blind spot can make other vehicles virtually invisible, until it’s too late to react. Keeping headlights turned on adds an extra level of protection.

  3. Stay Under the Speed Limit

    Speeding is a major cause of teen fatalities on the road. It’s better to drive safely, especially on busy roads, than to worry about arriving faster or keeping up with traffic. Also, speeding tickets are costly and unnecessary.

  4. Avoid Large Groups

    Like texting and mobile phone use, having additional teen passengers along for the ride can be a dangerous distraction. Even just one additional teen in the car, other than the driver, nearly doubles the risk of a serious accident.

  5. Think Ahead

    By being aware of your surroundings, you can anticipate potential threats and consider options for avoiding them. Be aware of road exits, other drivers on the road, and other details that can help you avoid accidents. Always leave a buffer of one car length between other vehicles and yourself.

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