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Montana Winter Driving Tips

March 23, 2020

Five Essential Montana Winter Driving Tips

At Bulman, Jones & Cook in Missoula, Mont., we want you to drive safely in the winter. Most of this state is sparsely populated, and when you are traveling, it is often on a country road or busy highway. Use these winter driving tips in Montana to prevent an accident and to remain safer when an accident does occur.

Montana Driving Tip 1: Maintain Your Vehicle

In most cases, gas stations in this state are located far apart, so make sure to maintain your vehicle each winter by visiting a mechanic for a tune-up. A mechanic can change your vehicle’s oil, add antifreeze and make sure that the belts or other components are working optimally.

Montana Driving Tip 2: Clean the Snow and Ice from Your Vehicle

Don’t try to drive a vehicle that is covered with ice or snow. Carry equipment such as ice scrapers and brushes to remove the snow and ice from all of the windows. Never try to drive a vehicle when visibility is poor during a blizzard or ice storm. Remember to check or change your windshield wipers as needed.

Montana Driving Tip 3: Carry Emergency Supplies

Be Prepared. Stock your vehicle with emergency supplies, including flares to light in case you need to request assistance and blankets to stay warm. In addition, keep bottles of water and nonperishable food in your vehicle to drink and eat when you are stuck on the side of a road.

Montana Driving Tip 4: Drive Slowly On Slick Roads

Instead of driving at the regular speed, slow down to match the road conditions. Remember that each type of vehicle operates differently on a slick road, and you may need to drive slower than other drivers are. There are many unseen dangers on the road, so it is better to be cautious.

Montana Driving Tip 5: Have a Smart Phone With You

You should always have a fully charged smart phone with you while driving in Montana during the winter. Emergency help and love ones will be able to locate you, and with a smart phone, you can contact Bulman, Jones & Cook for assistance. You Can also use your phone to take images of the accident.

If you have an accident while you are traveling in the winter, then it is important to contact a Montana personal injury lawyer as soon as possible rather than trying to handle legal problems on your own. Contact us today.