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Intersection Pedestrian Accidents: How to Remain Safe

March 23, 2020

There are an estimated 5000 to 6000 pedestrians killed or injured in traffic accidents every year. A vast majority of pedestrian accidents happen at or near intersections. Unfortunately, with the increasing number of distracted drivers on the road, pedestrian safety is up to the pedestrian. Here are some tips to remain safe.

Choose the Sidewalk

When a sidewalk is available, choose to walk on the sidewalk. If a sidewalk is only on one side of the road—as is sometimes the case—cross to the other side so you can use the sidewalk, as suggested by a Montana personal injury lawyer.5

Walk Toward Traffic

If you must walk along the side of a road with no sidewalks, a Missoula personal injury attorney reports that the law states that you should walk toward traffic, so you’re facing oncoming vehicles. This is so that you can keep a watch out for vehicles that may be swerving toward you. It also helps you to make eye contact with drivers to improve the odds of them seeing you.

Wear Bright Clothing

May pedestrian accidents occur at night. A surprising number of those accidents happen to pedestrians who were wearing dark clothing. Drivers can’t see you in dark clothing unless their headlights happen to catch you. At night, wear light colors. Consider adhering reflective strips to your clothing, especially on the front and back torso area. During the day, wear at least one item of bright clothing that will attract attention.

Don’t Cross on the Diagonal

If you have to cross twice at an intersection, it’s tempting to cut across on the diagonal. This is very dangerous because an upcoming car that’s turning through the intersection won’t see you until it’s too late.

If you are the victim of a pedestrian accident, contact a Montana personal injury attorney. Bulman, Jones & Cook can help represent your interests in a personal injury case.