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Injured at A Waterpark in Montana?

March 23, 2020

Injuries can happen anywhere, which assuredly includes water parks that are known for being dangerous as well as adventurous. Water is a main source of recreation in the summer, especially now that water parks have become so plentiful across the nation. Montana is no different from other states with these awesome attractive venues. However, there are many more attractions at a water park beyond the water, as many also have roller coasters and other such rides for thrill seekers. And, it is often the thrill seekers who are injured the worst. But, what happens when a patron is seriously injured at a Montana water park? Injuries are common occurrences, and many times they are tragic. Water park management officials are also well-versed in premises liability law when a minor injury happens, and often try to appease the injured customer. But, even when this happens, the best first step is always calling a Montana personal injury lawyer who can investigate the accident for liability with respect to the park operators.

Potential Damages

Just as in any other type of personal injury claim, the extent of injury will determine how much financial compensation may be available. Relatively minor injury cases are often settled quickly when fault is obvious and there are no extenuating circumstances involving behavior by the injured party. Even though an injury happens on a landowner or business operator’s property, that does not mean the claim is automatically valid. Comparative negligence still can matter, and tragedies can occur that are ruled by the court as an accident. But, for obvious cases of serious injury, not only can compensation include recovery for medical bills and on-economic pain-and-suffering, but they can also include punitive damages when a sympathetic jury finds the respondent was guilty of gross negligence.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Montana

All personal injury attorneys in Montana understand that water park injury cases are always strongly defended because the Montana modified comparative negligence law sets the bar for financial recovery at 51%, meaning any injured patron who is over half responsible for their own injury cannot be compensated for their injuries. This is why it is always vital to retain an aggressive lawyer who has handled theme park cases before. Always remember that the lawyer you choose can make a major difference.