When Black Ice is at Fault

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What happens when there’s a car accident and black ice is involved? Who’s to blame? Surely not the person who unknowingly drove over it and lost control? Or is it? 

Many people are stunned to find out, they can be found at fault in this situation. Being found at fault for a black ice accident can have serious legal and financial consequences. After all, you can’t cite Mother Nature for a car accident, or expect her to foot the bill for your car repair, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. 

Another important aspect for these cases is whether other vehicles are involved. If no other vehicle is affected in the accident, an insured driver may have their repairs covered under comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage usually only comes into affect if more than one vehicle is involved. Drivers with only liability coverage may not have any insurance coverage. 

Winter Weather Dangers 

When an accident occurs and winter weather is a contributing factor, it’s easy to feel like being found at fault for the accident is unfair. But, Montana drivers should be aware of winter weather dangers and potential consequences. Therefore, the law holds them responsible. When it snows in Montana, the number of motor vehicle accidents increases. Black ice can be seen on highways, city streets, roadways, and even side streets. Winter accidents can be as minor as a simple dented fender or result in serious accidents or potentially death. 

Personal Injury Attorneys in Montana 

If you’ve been injured or had your life affected by Montana car accidents involving black ice or other winter weather conditions, you have legal rights. A Montana accident lawyer can explain the details of your case in relationship to state law and help you create a plan to remedy the situation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our office.

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