Slip And Fall Injuries In The Winter

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Why Slip and Fall Injuries are More Common In The Winter 

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According to the National Safety Council, 8.9 people visit the emergency room each year due to falls. Slip and fall injuries are even more likely to occur during the winter months due to the fact that surfaces are more slippery. Ice and snow are often in parking lots, sidewalks and stairs. 

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the property. That is why they may be held responsible for a slip and fall accident. Many people hire a personal injury lawyer Montana due to an injury from a slip and fall accident. 

It can be difficult to prove liability if a person slips and falls due to ice or snow. Some regulations require that property owners remove snow and ice from the property. However, if snow and ice is not a part of commercial or private property, then the state or local government may be held responsible. That is why it is a good idea to hire Montana personal injury attorneys. 

What to do After a Slip and Fall Accident 

The first thing that you will want to do is get medical attention. A physician will not only treat your injuries, but they can also document your injuries. You will also need to take pictures of the area and identify witnesses. Additionally, you will need to make an official report. You can make an accident report with the business or property manager. 

You will also need to contact personal injury attorneys in Montana. Slip and fall cases can be extremely complicated. The defense will try everything that they can to prove that they are not responsible for your slip and fall accident. 

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