Should I Pay Out of Pocket for Accident Damages?

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If you’ve been in an accident, it makes sense to contact a Missoula personal injury lawyer. If the only thing that’s been hurt is your car, though, you might want to consider avoiding the whole process and paying for the damage yourself in certain situations. While Montana Personal Injury Attorneys will definitely be helpful if you’ve been hurt, there are advantages to paying for some types of vehicle damage on your own. As with so many other types of problems, this is a situation where you’ll have to measure the amount of time and money you’ll spend on repairs against what would happen if you bring insurance into the question. 

If you’re the driver at fault, it may be a good idea to see if you can pay for the damage yourself. After all, Montana only requires you to hold liability insurance and there’s a very good chance that your deductible could be higher than the threshold for repairing your vehicle. In fact, you might even save money if you get your car repaired without insurance, as this should help you to avoid a large hike on your insurance premiums. It’s not necessarily an ideal situation, but it might be the most realistic way for you to get back on the road. 

If you have been injured in an accident, you shouldn’t have to pay for the cost of getting your health back to normal. Since Montana does require that drivers have insurance, you should be able to rely on the other party to pick up at least part of the bill. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident or if your vehicle has been damaged to the extent that you will incur significant costs in getting repairs done, make sure to call a Montana accident attorney at Bulman Law & Associates to get the representation that you deserve.

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