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Social Security Disability

Full-Service Social Security Disability Representation

One person versus a large government bureaucracy is anything but a fair fight. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has denied you benefits twice. While you may feel that the fight is over, it has only just begun. You need an aggressive and knowledgeable Social Security Disability attorney at your side. At Bulman Jones & Cook PLLC in Montana, we are dedicated to evening the odds that our local clients face.

The SSDI claims process is complex, lengthy and frustrating. However, you do not have to face them on your own. Contact us by filling out the online contact form for help with your legal matter.

Getting to The Facts of Your SSDI Claim

At Bulman Jones & Cook PLLC, we see clients after their initial application and a Request for Reconsideration has been denied. We spend time with you to secure every detail related to your claim. Our initial goal is to find out what happened that resulted in your inability to work for at least 12 consecutive months.

Looking to Submit or
Appeal Your Application?

Taking the Time to Meet with You and Prepare Your Case

From there, we request a hearing before an administrative law judge. The one-year wait time is caused by an insufficient number of judges to hear all the disputed claims. Ironically, this delay allows us the opportunity to prepare your case with attention to every detail. We prepare you for the proceeding and go over the questions you will face. Video of a re-created hearing is available to see first-hand what the process entails.

We want to allay your fears and dispel any myths. The hearing is your day in court, but there is no jury and the hearing is more similar to a formal conference with the Judge presiding. Your testimony will be taken under oath along with other witnesses we call or the Judge calls in to testify.

Willing to Pursue All Options to Ensure the Best Outcome

We pride ourselves on providing full-service legal representation. In the area of Social Security Disability, that translates into the willingness to file your claim in Federal court. Many peer attorneys shy away from that venue. With three decades of experience in this area of the law, we welcome the challenge and will doggedly pursue the best outcome we think can be achieved.

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