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Time is of the Essence on a Premises Liability Claim

Clumsiness is not the issue. Embarrassment should not prevent you from finding out what caused you to fall. Many slip, trip and fall accidents occur due to the property owner’s negligence — they either failed to notice a problem with their property or they failed to fix a known hazard. At Bulman Law Associates in Montana, we work with you and our team of experts to get to the facts of your premises liability claim.

Even if you have suffered seemingly minor injuries in a slip and fall accident, you must be proactive in protecting your rights. Contact an attorney at 406-721-7744 or toll free at 800-272-7744 or fill out the online contact form.

A Proactive and Diligent Approach Can Make the Difference

At Bulman Law Associates, we encourage our clients to seek medical treatment and then take action. Your efforts go beyond notifying the property owner of the mishap. While your first thought may not be about evidence, even a camera phone can make all the difference. Documenting the area immediately after the injury helps build a strong case. Icy surfaces, broken steps and loose railings can be identified before the property owner has time to fix them after the fact. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Witnesses are also key to your claim. They can provide their point of view and insight as to how long the hazard may have existed. They too may have suffered an accident on a faulty escalator or because of a negligent security guard. Let us talk to them as soon as possible.

While You Recover From Your Injuries, We Build Your Premises Liability Claim

Time is of the essence for your legal team to build your claim of negligence. Our focus is to maximize your compensation. Your job is to recover from the serious injuries you suffered.

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