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The freedom of riding a motorcycle on the open road can soon turn to tragedy when a negligent motorist collides with the bike and its operator. The cyclist faces the most serious injuries, with or without a helmet. At Bulman Law Associates in Montana, we focus on holding the negligent party responsible while clients focus on recovering from their injuries.

Whether you have suffered broken bones or a closed head injury, we will fight to maximize your compensation, even if the negligent party is an uninsured or underinsured driver. Contact us at 406-721-7744 or toll free at 800-272-7744 or fill out the online contact form.

Aggressive and Diligent Advocacy for Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Drivers who claim not to see motorcycles approaching must be held responsible. That excuse is common and totally unacceptable. In addition, many motorcycle accident cases we handle involve uninsured and underinsured motorists. While many attorneys would shy away from the complexity of those cases or take the first settlement offer, we dig deeper to find the compensation you deserve.

High-Level Experts on Your Side

At Bulman Law Associates, our legal team does not just boast a network of motorcycle accident experts. We team with one of Montana’s top motorcycle safety officers to conduct a thorough investigation of your motorcycle crash. Our fact-based building of cases is only enhanced by that level of insight and expertise.

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Let us navigate through the legal complexities while you focus on recovering from your injuries or the death of a family member. Far too much is at stake in these matters. You deserve justice.

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