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Holding Manufacturers Accountable for Your Injuries

Product manufacturers are in their industry to make money. To enhance their bottom line, they sometimes take shortcuts. Those “efficiencies” only increase the likelihood that safety was ignored and their own customers were injured. At Bulman Law Associates in Montana, Montana, we advocate for clients who are suffering serious damage from a dangerous and defective product.

We strive to hold negligent product manufacturers accountable when a dangerous toy, defective medical device or industrial machinery causes serious injury and death. For help, contact an attorney at 406-721-7744 or toll free at 800-272-7744 or fill out the online contact form.

Preserving Evidence is Vital in a Product Liability Claim

Your first inclination after a defective product has injured you may be to throw it away, never wanting to see it again. Our hope is that you resisted that temptation. An employer or landlord who purchased a product may want to get rid of it as well, presuming that they will be at fault. Defective product claims are complex and require strong evidence, starting with the item that hurt you. We will do everything we can to prevent disposal but you should do everything you can to preserve the evidence so we can have the product examined by an appropriate engineer or scientist.

Combining Legal Experience with Industry Expertise

At Bulman Law Associates, we collaborate with experts on the product that injured you. If available, the defective item is reviewed with attention to every detail. Once the problem is identified, we move forward in filing a claim against the responsible party. Clients come to us traumatized by the notion that a supposedly safe product injured them or took away their loved one. From lead poisoning to SUV rollovers caused by tire blowouts, we understand the physical and emotional impact and strive to help you find closure. We are interested in any serious injury caused by a product, machine, tool or motor vehicle of any kind. Let us determine if a legal case exists.

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